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The word Taekwondo is formed from the three Korean terms -  "tae" meaning "to kick" as with a foot, "kwon" which derives from "the hand" used to strike or block, and "do" meaning "the way" or "the art". Taekwondo, therefore, can roughly be translated as "the art of fighting with the fist and the foot". Many martial arts schools limit the student's understanding to that level, and focus solely on teaching students the physical movements of Taekwondo in order to allow the student to participate in tournaments or to protect themselves in a fight.

However, the art of Taekwondo is truly much deeper than just fighting. The goal of the AIMAA Taekwondo system is the training of the mind, body, spirit, and emotion. While the physical aspects of taekwondo strengthen our body, our study of the philosophy help to develop character, to learn confidence, patience, control, respect, and wisdom.

Under the guidance of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho (Founder & President of the Action International Martial Art Association), AIMAA European Director Master Darcy (Ireland) and with the support of other AIMAA Taekwondo Masters and AIMAA Schools across the UK, the Personal Best Academy has a strong lineage and network of experience and training  to pass on and share with the dedicated Taekwondo students at our school. 

The AIMAA Taekwondo program is the most traditional and holistic Martial Art training system at the Personal Best Academy and we are excited to offer such a class to benefit our members. 'Martial arts is not something you do, but something you become' and we strive to live according to the 5 tenets of Taekwondo each and every day... 'Courtesy', 'Integrity', 'Perseverance', 'Indomitable Spirit' and 'Self Control'. 

To book your place in our Family Taekwondo system at the PERSONAL BEST ACADEMY, just contact us today!

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